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Shing Fuat is Malaysia’s number 1 trusted
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Our Services

Ensuring strong support and structure for your logistic means

Crafted from the finest materials and built with precision, our products ensure lasting quality and reliability with Shing Fuat Timber.


International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. We partner with ISPM to maintain our own kiln-drying and heat-treatment chamber systems, ensuring that the applicable standards and regulations for the global movement of timber and wood packaging are maintained.

Logistic & Haulage

We have own dedicated transport trailer to ensure prompt delivery goods to your doorsteps.

Packing Material Supplies

We supply industrial packing materials along with the palletizing system. We provide customized variety covering choice, measurement, materials, and types to cater to their specific needs.

Our products

Timber, plastic, design, and what you need.

Wooden Pallets

Our wood pallets are great for transporting goods. We can customize the size to fit your needs, and they’re made from top-quality wood.

Wood Boxes

Our boxes are perfect for storage and transportation. We can customize the size and design to fit your needs, and offer special option like heat-treated wood for international shipping.

Plywood Sheets

Our high-quality plywood comes in a variety of grades and thickness, and can be customized to meet your needs. It’s great for construction or as a base for your product.

Our Exended Library

Products from timber, to plastics, we have it all.

Timber of the highest grade quality


From the customers

We’ve worked with customers from various industries: manufacturing, machinery, food and beverage, drop shipping, and many more. Here’s what they say:

Image of Matthew Seok’s storage facility

Why choose ShingFuat Timber?

Your trusted partner for quality timber products

Customer Satisfaction

We make sure everything that is done adhere’s to your needs!



We use quality materials to ensure to produce quality products.



We prepare for all logistic planning and how we delivery our products.


Thoughtful Pricing

We are calculative in providing the best market price for all industries.


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